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Registered with the FDA as a Class I medical device, our products are certified Class I Health Products by the Spanish Medication and Health Products Agency (Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare). This means that these products are made with medical-grade materials and quality and safety processes that are standardized and audited by the ISO (ISO 13485:2016 on Quality for Health Products) to ensure the quality of Otostick and Otostick Baby.



Otostick is a corrector made from silicon and medical adhesives for protruding ears. It adheres to the back of the ear and the adjacent part of the head, providing an immediate natural effect. It is a product created based on a necessity: correcting protruding ears or “big ears”, simply speaking. Otostick is an easy-to-use product that is discreet and made of comfortable, transparent silicon.
Just put it in place, and you’ll see how your ears adopt a natural position. You can use them continuously or at specific moments when, because of your hairstyle, the protrusion of your ears is more evident than normal.
When positioned correctly, you will feel no pain nor will you be aware of having them there.
Putting Otostick in the right place ensures that the longevity of the corrector and the ear position are optimal, thus following the instructions included is essential.
Once suitably attached, Otostick proves resistant to water, sweat and heat.
Each pack comes with 8 correctors. Recommended use is from 3 years of age.

Otostick USA | Aesthetic Ear Corrector

Otostick Baby

Otostick Baby is a corrector made from silicon and medical adhesives for protruding ears. It adheres to the back of the ear and the adjacent part of the head, providing optimum positioning of the ear, specifically the cartilage. This allows the cartilage and ear to develop naturally as the baby grows.
The size and firmness of the corrector adapt perfectly to the baby’s ear. Otostick Baby is recommended from the age of 3, however there are Adults who prefer using Otostick Baby, given the size and characteristics of their ears.
Corrective efficiency of Otostick Baby:
For infants and children aged between 3 months up to 6 years, we have linked the corrective efficiency of the product through a 12-month-long study undertaken in collaboration with the Spanish Pediatrics Association.
As cartilage is at its most pliable stage when the ear is still growing and developing, it is also the best time to correct it. As a product, this is exactly what Otostick Baby is designed to do.
Otostick Baby is suitable for use with delicate skin (e.g. with infants).
This product is a useful preventative measure in the early months of a baby’s life, when there is a lack of strength in the baby’s neck and the head is unsupported. The ear is often folded over forwards, which can eventually lead to protrusion as a result of repetition of this action. In this case, using Otostick Baby prevents the cartilage from bending.
Otostick Baby is an easy-to-use, discreet, and odorless product. It can be used continuously, following the guidelines given in the manual.
It is important to follow the product placement indications to ensure it is effective.
Otostick Baby can be used from the age of three months.
Each pack comes with 8 correctors and a reusable elastic protective cap.

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