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Basic Information on Data Protection
Controller:INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL // Retail Holdings LLC
Purpose:Attend to your request.
Legitimization:Execution of a contract or consent from the interested party.
Recipients:Data will not be transferred to third parties unless legally obliged to.
Rights:You have the right to access, rectify and eliminate data, in addition to the other rights details in the additional information that can be found at: 680 S CACHE STREET, SUITE 100 -7414 JACKSON, WY 83001, USA

For the purposes of the provisions of European Data Protection Regulation EU 2016/679, dated 27 April, from the Parliament and the Council, in Law 3/2018, dated 5 December, on Data Protection and Securing Digital Rights and all other current legislation, INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL wishes to inform you that it is wholly in compliance with current legislation on personal data protection and the commitments to confidentiality pertaining to its business.

INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL wishes to make you aware of the existence of a data processing system pertaining to INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL for management, communication and information purposes. This system is described in the pertinent Processing Activities Registry for the DC.


INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL_ has adopted all necessary measures to ensure the security of the information, as required by article 32 of the GDPR, in accordance with the nature and the circumstances in which the personal data is processed to avoid its alteration, loss and unauthorized processing or access, as far as possible with the state-of-the-art. This guarantees the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data.


The safety measures that INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL has described in the Processing Activities Registry are applicable to all the information processing system assets for which personal data are processed with the aim to comply with current legislation on data protection.

All personnel recruited by INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL and its Data Processors are required to comply with this legislation, with special attention paid to their roles and obligations, including the duty to secrecy, which will be duly determined by INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL.


Acceptance of these terms and conditions means certain data are collected from the user which are essential for the provision of services that can be personally requested using forms or from the website. The user will be properly informed of their rights when these data are collected.

We ask our clients and users to inform us as soon as possible of any changes or rectifications to their personal data to ensure the information in our processing system is always current.


Data obtained to manage the us.otostick.com website will be the minimum necessary to provide our service  Retail Holdings LLC and INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL will determine the data processing means and will bind whoever is responsible for processing them to the obligations per the provisions of the current legislation and any other provision or regulation that may equally be applicable.

Retail Holdings LLC will not allocate, apply or use the data to which it has access, or compile them, for any purpose other than that specified by and for INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL


Retail Holdings LLC on the matter of personal data belonging to it, may transfer data to INNOVACIONES DISRAS S.L. in the course of its business.

By using our services, you understand your personal data may be transferred to external companies, detailed beforehand, under the terms noted in this Privacy Policy.


To exercise the Rights to access, objection, rectification, cancellation, elimination or opposition, portability, and processing limitation, contact Retail Holdings LLC, based in 680 S CACHE STREET, SUITE 100 -7414 JACKSON, WY 83001, USA, in writing or by sending an email to: usa@otostick.com. You can also present a claim before the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) or before INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL, C/ LOS PEDREGALES 66 (POL. IND. SAN ISIDRO) DON BENITO, 06400, BADAJOZ, SPAIN.


The user will grant consent, so Retail Holdings LLC // INNOVACIONES DISRAS S.L may use their personal data to undertake e-commerce and, thus, properly fulfil the contracted services, share images on social media.

Commercial communications will be sent, as established in article 21.2 of Law 34/2002, dated 11 July, on information society services and electronic commerce, whenever the personal data obtained by Retail Holdings LLC are lawfully obtained and these communications refer to products similar to those previously contracted. Likewise, the sending of a quality survey is authorized to assess the service provided.

Completion of the form on the site or the sending of emails or other communications to us.otostick.com implies explicit consent from the user to have their personal data included in the above mentioned processing system pertaining to Retail Holdings LLC // INNOVACIONES DISRAS S.L


Neither INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL or Retail Holdings LLC will transfer personal data without explicit agreement from their owners – consent must be obtained every time: The data is only being transferred for the noted purpose and with the consent of the user or client.


Data collected from all private correspondence between INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL and their clients or users will be processed under strictest confidentiality INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL engages in the duty of secrecy and adopts all necessary measures to prevent their alteration, loss or unauthorized processing or access, in accordance with the provisions of the current legislation.

Furthermore, any information exchanged by the parties, any they agree is of the same nature and any that is related to the content of this information shall also be considered confidential. Viewing the data on the Internet does not imply direct access to them, unless there is express consent from the owner on each occasion.

We recommend clients do not provide third parties with their login, password or reference number that are randomly generated automatically. Likewise, this organization retains no records of passwords, thus ensuring the protection of the client/user’s professional secrecy.


INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL reserves the right to modify the safety and data protection policy to adapt it to legislative or jurisprudential changes, as well as those resulting from code changes in the matter, or due to strategic corporate decisions. These changes come into effect on the date the modification is published on the INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL website.


The www.us.otostick.com website is managed by Retail Holdings LLC.

The information processing system created is located at the business address, established for the purposes of this Legal Disclaimer at C/ LOS PEDREGALES 66 (POL. IND. SAN ISIDRO) DON BENITO, 06400, BADAJOZ, SPAIN; and under the control supervision of INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL and Retail Holdings LLC that assume responsibility for employing the technical and organizational security measures to protect information confidentiality and integrity. This is in accordance with European Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, dated 27 April, from the Parliament and the Council, Organic Law 3/208, dated 5 December, on Data Protection and Ensuring Digital Rights and all other current national legislation and all other applicable legislation.

INNOVACIONES DISRAS, SL in accordance with Law 34/2002, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, wishes to inform you that a general acceptance of this Law includes the provision of information through this medium among the services. In any case, European Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, dated 27 April, from the Parliament and the Council, Organic Law 3/2018, dated 5 December, on Data Protection and Ensuring Digital Rights and all remaining current national legislation and draft legislation are applicable on this matter. This is especially true for the obtaining of personal data, information to interested parties and the creation and maintenance of personal data processing.

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